Aerospace Center

The Aerospace Center is one of the key centers of the Foundation to develop Gyeongnam as a center of the aerospace industry in Northeast Asia based on Korea´s largest integrated aerospace resources in the region. With state-of-the-art equipments and resources for research and development of aviation parts, the center has provided multilateral support for resident companies, aerospace firms and related institutes, while striving to build an aerospace industry cluster.

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    Sacheon Industrial Complex, 80, Bangji-ro, Sanam-myeon, Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

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Operational Objectives

Foster 10 small but robust aviation companies which achieve sales of US$ 100 million by 2020

Positioning Gyeonsangnam-do as the vanguard for achieving "Korea Aerospace Business G-7" goal

Key Roles

Building an aviation cluster

  • Building small runways and a national aviation industrial complex
  • Establishing a foundation for on-site R&D, certification, and evaluation

Development of core aviation technology

  • Conducting aerospace project R&D for the industry promotion project in regions
  • Planning and conducting assignments for the next generation aircraft technology development

Strengthening the global competitiveness of the aviation industry

  • Conducting industrial eco-system support projects, part of the Industry Promotion Project in Regions
  • Running a support group for aviation part exports and aviation industry communities
  • Enactment of ordinances regarding fostering the aviation industry of Gyeongnam province
  • Running an aviation industry community for supporting its networking