Industry Policy & Planning Agency

The Industry Policy & Planning Agency identifies new growth drivers and plans industry incubation policies in accordance with the government´s policies on related matters to establish development strategies for strategic industries and boost the local economy in Gyeongnam. The agency also establishes management strategies and mid - to long-term development plans for GNTP as well as conducts business innovation.

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    22, Changwon-daero 18beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

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Operational Objectives


to become a networking promoter for strengthening the competitiveness of local companies


to become a business model proposer and identifier of core technology of regional industries


to become an adviser for policy establishment of regional industries and management innovation of the Foundation

Key Roles

Policy Creation

Establishment of development strate- gies for regional special industries, identifying promising industries, and establishment of development plans for institutions and companies within the industrial cooperation zone. planning for new business, etc

Management Innovation

Establishment of mid- to long-term development method for the Foundation, institutional management evaluation, management innovation (system im- provement), building budget/assessment systems, etc.

Cross-Linked Cooperation

Operating associations and councils, building a network within the region, cooperation with affiliated institutes in the province, and so forth.

Knowledge Diffusion

Undertaking academic outsourcing jobs, publishing current issues, promoting the utilization of outcomes, and so forth.