Vision & Strategy

GNTP was founded as a hub for connecting local innovative institutes to encourage establishment of technology-intensive corporations, technical advancement of local industries, contribute to boosting the local economy and national economic development by building cooperative relations among industry, academia, research institutes and the government in Gyeongsangnam-do.


Global Networking Hub for Technological Innovation


To advance technology and technical skills of the regional special industry and foster new businesses for future growth

Establish values of the foundation

- Foster key industries of Gyeongnam
- Policy planning

Realize values of the hub

- Cross-linked cooperation
- Boost networking

Create corporate values

- Foster technology-based corporations
- Provide them with support services

Identify core values

- Advance integrated support system
- Improve support capabilities


Establish values of the Foundation

  • Foster regional special industries efficiently
  • Identify and plan new national/municipal projects
  • Find and develop promising industries and core strategic industries
  • Administrative innovation and ethical management of the Foundation

Realize values of the hub

  • Reinforce the utilization of outcomes
  • Build a network platform
  • Ensure a professional analysis of local industry trends
  • Associate regional innovative institutes with corporations

Create corporate values

  • Expand the hardship support offered to SMEs
  • Build a system to analyze and utilize R&D outcomes
  • Promote connections with basic-application technology
  • Support for job seekers

Identify core values

  • Build infrastructure for testing and certification
  • Build a support system for producing life-cycle from manufacturing to commercialization
  • Customized project for developing advanced technical human resources
  • Ensure expertise in corporate support